Kèn Flugelhorn Adams Custom Series F3

Mã sản phẩm: 1BG0ADF3M50N
Thương hiệu: Adams
Tình trạng: Còn hàng Hàng sắp về
93,075,000 VND

Mô tả

  • The Adams F3 flugelhorn features the F2 (heavier bronze) valve block. 
  • It has a bell that is slightly larger in diameter than the F2 (it is a bit over 170mm), and it also has a larger bell throat. 
  • The branch has a slightly tighter wrap, and you’ll notice there’s no brace between the branch and the bell, ensuring more resonance. 
  • The soldered bell lead provides extra core to the sound. 
  • This is the darkest flugel we make and has a velvety, chocolatey rich sound. It has an amazing tone quality and ease of playability.
  • The instrument comes in two standard configurations, both in an ML bore (10.5mm) with a 0.50 brass bell with a 170mm bell flare diameter. The difference is in the choice between Satin Gold Lacquer or Silver Plate finishes.
  • The new F3 is not intended as a soloist instrument, but has been re-developed with the section player in mind. The result is a flugelhorn that blends extremely well.
  • Specifications F3:
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell material: Hand hammered Yellow Brass
  • Bell diameter: 170 mm
  • Bore: ML 10.5 mm
  • Leadpipe: Nr. 2 (0.402″) of nr. 3 (0.413″)
  • Valve section: Nickel silver balusters with brass casing (heavy)
  • Valves: 3 x top center stainless steel
  • Finger buttons: Brass, wooden inlays (Honduras Rosewood)
  • Waterkey: Amado
  • Finish: Silver Plated or Satin Gold Lacquered
  • Gauge: 0.50
  • Case: Included (Adams/Gard)
  • Your choice of mouthpiece is extremely personal and very important for playing pleasure. That is why we do not supply a standard mouthpiece with our instruments.
  • You Are Not Average
  • Some people like a warmer sound. Some not. Some people have huge lung capacity. Some have not. Some people like engravings. Some do not. Some people need more playing resistance. Some don’t. These are extremely personal factors that can affect an instruments design.
  • The Adams instrument builders like to go beyond expectations. With an in-house development and production, this means that we can fully customize your instrument. Compiled according to your personal preferences.
  • Do you want to know more about the Adams Custom instruments? Contact us and discover the possibilities.
  • Thương hiệu: Adams
  • Xuất xứ: Hà Lan
  • Tình trạng: 100% mới
  • Phân phối: nhập khẩu chính hãng

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 Kèn Flugelhorn Adams Custom Series F3
 Kèn Flugelhorn Adams Custom Series F3
 Kèn Flugelhorn Adams Custom Series F3
 Kèn Flugelhorn Adams Custom Series F3